What Did the Electric Car Say When Asked If It Needed Gas?

No tanks!

Each year, more and more electric vehicles are being sold to the general population, with 1 in 35 vehicles sold now electric. This increase in sales is pushing San Diegans to look more in depth at EV charging stations for local residents. A goal of the California Energy Commission is to reduce petroleum consumption through use of alternative and renewable fuels, including electric vehicle technology. The ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles) Action Plan is a roadmap toward 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on California roadways by 2025.

“Governor Jerry Brown said Monday he would sign AB 8 and SB 359, a pair of bills that support electric vehicles. AB 8 provides more than $2 billion in funding and extends current rebates for consumers who buy electric vehicles through 2023. Consumers will be eligible to receive up to $2,500 in rebates for purchasing an electric vehicle, the funding coming from vehicle license fees. SB 359 transfers another $30 million to various state programs aimed at promoting low-emission vehicles.”

Reno ESP (Efficient Sustainable Practices) has been contracted to develop suggested EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) locations for public and employee use by mapping existing EVSE networks throughout San Diego County. This will identify gaps in public infrastructure and utilize EV driver location information and host use characteristics (such as employment density, trip attractors, daily hours of availability, etc.) to ensure the efficacy of this next wave of infrastructure.