RENO ESP Roadmap



The Reno Efficient Sustainable Practices (ESP) Roadmap is a proprietary path for achieving building efficiency from programming through implementation, for measurement, verification and maintenance.


Energy Star Benchmarking

services-esp-rm-02 To help clients with existing buildings comply with the new requirements of Assembly Bill 1103, Reno ESP provides Energy Star Benchmarking services to help facility owners understand how their building compares nationally with others based on energy and water usage. Reno ESP will use this benchmark as a starting block to help advise clients of potential utility saving retrofits.

Energy & Water Audits

To help clients better understand where their existing building is using the most resources, Reno ESP completes different levels of audits. We use the findings to identify utility saving measures and compare them with available rebates, anticipated utility and life-cycle savings to generate a financial picture that steers clients towards measures that provide the highest return on investment.

Systems Re-Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

Through this process, Reno ESP helps clients achieve significant utility savings by making sure all existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are running as designed and as efficiently as possible.

Building Retrofits

Once the client is ready to perform utility savings retrofits, Reno ESP is set to design, procure and install all materials necessary for a successful project.

Building Performance Measurement and Verification

Once utility conservation measures are complete, Reno ESP is able to provide automated utility use tracking, ensuring that the facility is maintaining its highest level of efficiency and the client is capturing anticipated cost savings.

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