Reno Contracting Recycles 60,000 Tons of Construction Waste


Reno Contracting has recycled more than 60,000 tons of waste from construction projects since the beginning of 2009, accounting for an average 72% of construction debris diverted from going to a landfill. This amount is the equivalent of three football fields, each 100 feet deep.

Sustainability and energy efficiency is not only part of Reno’s services to clients, it is ingrained in the company’s standard operations. Earlier this year its jobsite trailer was the first and only structure of its kind to achieve LEED® Certification for its use of recycled materials and energy efficiency systems. Recycling waste from construction projects goes above and beyond the minimum required by San Diego City ordinance. More than half the projects accounting for the 60,000+ tons of recycled waste have met, or are in the process of achieving, the more stringent requirements of LEED certification.

“When it comes to conservation and energy efficiency, we lead by example,” said Walt Fegley, President, Reno Contracting. “Our record of recycling and use of recycled materials is intentional and significant, both in terms of cost savings and impact on the environment. Efficient sustainable practices are central to our vision.”