Reno Contracting is Blazing New Trails in Photovoltaic Carport Panel Installation…

… And it’s happening right now at Southwestern Community College in Chula Vista.

Traditionally, there are two persons per scissor lift installing the solar panels in the air. This method only allows a small number of panels to be loaded into the scissor lift and requires a lot of unproductive time staging and loading to continue the installation.  In addition, there are multiple persons installing overhead conduit, source wiring, light fixtures, wire management, etc. from scissor and/or boom lifts which lowers the overall productivity and increases the cost of the project.

By assembling the canopy structures on the ground and lifting them into place, it allows crews to safely and quickly install solar panels by minimizing the amount of work having to be performed from scissor and/or boom lifts. The crews are able to install the canopy lights, conduit, grounding, source wiring, wire management and provide easy access for QA/QC and inspections by the Project Inspector all while on the ground. Another way Reno Contracting is leading the Solar PV Field with Innovation.

A few statistics on Southwestern Community College’s Solar PV Project:

  • 3.205 Megawatts
  • 7,370 Total Modules (a series of PV panels)
  • 6 Parking lots
  • 3 Phases