Reno Contracting Helps Local Businesses for Innovative Sustainability Circles

Reno’s Efficient Sustainable Practices (ESP) division was selected to present to a group of local businesses on long-term success in energy efficiency and sustainability.

True Market Solutions, founded by Elliot Hoffman out of San Francisco, worked tirelessly with San Diego Gas and Electric to help create the Sustainability Circles program to increase awareness of sustainable issues and motivate change within the local companies. “The goal of the program is to help companies improve their profitability by fully embracing and embedding sustainable business practices”, Hoffman said.

TMS Sustainability Circles combines affordable access to world-class expertise, the power of peer communities, and the capacity to implement profitable change. The program runs for 6 months and includes 9 to 10 organizations.  The all-day seminars include presentations from local experts, coaching from True Market Solutions sustainability team and collaboration between the organizations to develop initiatives.  TMS blends six ingredients:

1.Highly trained and certified TMS “Circle Leaders” who coach, facilitate, and help each participant drive sustainability into the DNA and the business model of their enterprise

2.A suite of tools that enable each participant to create customized sustainability & profit improvement Action Plans

3.Locally-specific expertise

4.World-leading expert backup

5.The ability to implement best and next practices

6.An affordable, “high-touch,” peer community-building proposition for small to medium sized enterprises and corporate supply networks

Some of the diverse group of companies included Balboa Park Cultural Consortium, North County Health Services, Francis Parker School, Anthony’s Fish Grotto, and Neighborhood House Association including many more from the various circles.

Reno Contracting ESP has been working with TMS Sustainability Circles over the last few months to provide presentations directed specifically at Energy Management for HVAC systems.  Reno Contracting’s Energy Program Manager Greg Carnegie brings a unique combination of experience in the HVAC, Building Automation, and Energy Efficiency fields to this introductory level presentation.  The focus is to allow the TMS attendee to understand the basic workings of an HVAC system and the fundamentals of reducing energy usage along with maintaining system efficiencies.