President’s Column

20th Logo

The old adage, “experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want” seems to hold true. Many would agree this applies to the last five years, but here we are on the way up…..somewhat.  This year looks good for our industry and Reno Contracting, next year even better and it is quite welcome. Reno is very different today than it was five years ago, yet in many ways, we have remained the same.

Recognized by Our Industry

The freefall of the private construction market experienced in 2008-2009 was abrupt and deep. At that time, Reno worked exclusively in the private market and prided itself on competitive pricing and great customer service. Facing limited opportunity and a demand for new markets, our commitment was to do business in the tough times, just like we do in the good times. These are principals that we live by and the cornerstone values of our company.

At the AGC Installation dinner in January, Reno Contracting was awarded the AGC 2013 CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY EXCELLENCE AWARD. Previously we’ve received General Building Contractor of the Year, but this was different. The trophy reads “In Recognition of the High Level of Integrity and Ethics in Their Business Practice and for going beyond the norm with their commitment to supporting the AGC, the construction industry and the community. Quite an honor to be voted for by our peers. It speaks volumes of our company and our commitment to our core values.

Changing of the Guard

As the construction market slowly slopes up, (Gary London believes it will be a seven year recovery and may provide some stability thereafter.) it is visibly different.

Today, in our “core markets”, we are completing a Class ‘A’ 4-story office-over-retail in Temecula and large tenant improvements and biotech projects with long-term clients. MedImpact II and some other large projects currently in preconstruction hold great promise. We have recently been awarded two Medical Office Buildings.

Reno’s TI Division, focusing on smaller tenant improvements, has stayed strong. We are busy expanding space, contracting or renovating for biotech, law firms, schools, office and medical industries.

Reno is heavily involved in commercial solar construction with projects throughout California. We have cultivated great industry partners with a well-trained group of project superintendents and project managers. We find the greatest success performing this work design-build.

Reno ESP (Efficient Sustainable Practices) is providing Energy Star Ratings and efficiency recommendations to private market owners. This past January, AB 1103 was finally put in force. Owners selling or leasing their buildings are now required to provide the Energy Star Rating of the building’s operating expenses. This will be a game changer once there is a demand for space. We are focused on this market and we have established ourselves as an industry expert.  In house, we are able to provide energy audits, retro-commissioning and energy efficiency recommendations.

The most significant change taking place is the emergence of our young, brilliant leaders. Passing on the knowledge, work ethic and management skills necessary for Reno’s successful future is a challenge. Equally important is passing on the relationships formed over the past 20 years; both individual and business firm to firm. I am grateful that we have these future leaders identified and being groomed to succeed.

A New Brand, A New Website

After 20 years, $1.8 billion in construction, a complete change of markets and a firm that has been able to find and place our future leaders in position, it just made sense to update and refresh our brand and our website. Working with Studio2055, we focused our message, updated and added color to our logo, launched a completely new website and created a fresh, cohesive look to all we do.

20 Years of Reno Contracting

Many of you joined us last year for our celebration. It allowed us the opportunity to say “thank you.” Many strong friendships were established and grown over this time and we were delighted to see so many clients, consultants, subcontractors and friends join us in celebration. Together we have built some amazing projects. We are so grateful for all the opportunities and we thank each and every one that made it possible! Now for the next twenty!!

AGC of America, San Diego

And finally…… I have been involved with the San Diego AGC over the last ten years on the Board of Directors, Chair of Committees and this year as an officer, Senior Vice President. There is great value to being an AGC member, not least of which is to serve and improve our industry and our firms. There are over 800 individuals serving on four councils and 24 Committees of the AGC. Very often, we are referred to as the best AGC in the nation. Most AGC Chapters are State Chapters; we are the sixth largest in the nation, serving San Diego County. We are financially sound and well managed with a focused board, great leadership and staff.

There are over 28 well attended, quality events held annually and we have built industry coalitions with BLA (Business Leadership Alliance), Taxpayers Association, Lincoln Club and the Chamber of Commerce to name a few. This allows our members to exert greater influence on issues that affect us.

Our Apprentice & Training Trust just celebrated its 25th anniversary and had 119 Graduates last year. The Safety Committee has had great success with meeting attendance over 60 people. The Education and Training Committee/Foundation for Success had over 200 classes, an intern program with ConstructionTechAcademy and offers Scholarships at SDSU CM.  The Construction Leadership Council focuses on emerging leaders and has a voting seat on the Board of Directors. There are Government Liaison, Labor Relations, Technology Trends, Build & Serve Committees; the list goes on and on.

The AGC serves the needs of our members and the broader industry through focused, deliberate planning and vision to San Diego’s future. I encourage you to join this network of professionals and to get involved.


Thank you.