It’s a TEAM effort at West Park at Civita

Civita-June-2014-ThumbnailYou may have noticed a huge transformation taking place in the heart of Mission Valley. In the space once occupied by a rock quarry for the past 60 years, a new multi-family development and master-planned community is being created. It’s called West Park at Civita and will ultimately include 4,780 residences featuring renewable energy and sustainable design components. West Park at Civita is a smart growth project and a great example of conscientious development in San Diego. Joint venture Coyle Residential and Reno Contracting are proud to be a part of the building team.

Pete Hunter, Senior Project Manager for Reno Contracting loves coming to work. “We are continuing to change the face of Mission Valley. West Park at Civita is a challenging, yet extremely rewarding project and I could not ask for a better group of people to build this with.” Pete is leading the team and crew of West Park at Civita and does his best to keep everyone on pace. Looking at the big picture of constructing the space into a 612-unit apartment can be daunting at times, as can any large construction project.  But the West Park at Civita team keeps a positive attitude. “Humor keeps the jobsite fun and our personalities are what hold the team together.”

As with a typical wrap site, the construction space is tight. With the limited space for construction crews to work, sequencing is extremely important. Project Manager Danielle Slagal, works with Pete to keep everyone corralled. “You have an interesting mix of commercial and residential guys on site. Some days we are all bumping into each other.” Thanks to the help from Reno’s seasoned team of project superintendents, all the different trades are moving around each other like a well-choreographed dance.

Currently there are over 250 workers on site daily.

Overall, Danielle and Pete are excited to be a part of this dynamic project. “Everyone has moments and everyday poses a new challenge, but our personality and teamwork hold it all together”, Danielle said. 

Check out the video footage of the concrete pour of Building “A”.